We’re so excited to be experiencing phenomenal growth in our solo female vanlife community across our platforms and in our global Facebook group. Thank you for being here with us!

Our global community has grown to over 23K members from just 2,800 members 21 months ago. We’ve listened carefully to feedback so that we can continue to improve our platforms for our members.

Recently we trialled the introduction of additional smaller group focusing on specific regions and territories. These include Europe and the UK. We felt it was important to allow members to feel connected in a more personal sense and of course location plays a big part in that.

The results are in! We will continue to build our international groups alongside our global community to help you foster connection and friendships with solo female vanlifers in your region. You are welcome to join more than one group that feels relevant and valuable to you.

Our latest addition is Solo Female Vanlife Canada! Follow this link to join us there as a founding member.

And if you’d like to join our UK and European communities we’d love to see you there too.

Are there any other locations that you’d like to see dedicated Solo Female Vanlife communities be created for? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions for making Solo Female Vanlife the most inclusive and supportive community for women who are aspiring to take their lives on the road or already out there embracing this amazing lifestyle!

If you’re new to the Solo Female Vanlife community you can head straight here to join our global group of 22.000 likeminded freedom seeking women full of tips, advice and support from across the world.

Solo Female Vanlife

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