What’s your name?
Where are you currently based? 
Nowhere, full time roadie! Currently doing vanlife in Utah.
How did you first become inspired by Vanlife? 
When I felt miserable in my cubical daily!
Do you live in your van full time? 
I live in my truck camper full time
How long have you been living in your van?
Two and a half years
Why did you choose this lifestyle?
To be more active in the outdoors and be able to take on maximum inquires with my photography business
What do you do for work?
Full time travel photographer! I love photographing lovely couples and sweet families in the great outdoors.
What is one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had whilst living in your van?
It’s hard to say just one because there’s always a new memorable experience each day. I am high anxiety, so the most memorable moments for me are when I feel at peace and careless and I have to say making my camp meal in the remote area of southeast Utah is always where I’m most at peace. It’s quiet, your amongst a few other road travelers, and it’s just always such a pure experience of what this world has to offer us. With the most incredible red rock desert views too, of course.
What is the most difficult challenge you’ve faced living in your van?
I think the most difficult challenge being on the road is being solo when mental health is not at it’s peak. I tend to get frustrated when I have to make decisions solely on my own and feeling like I wanted to stay somewhere a bit longer. I’ve had vehicle breakdowns but those are usually quick stresses and fixed timely, but the biggest challenge is getting everything done on your own when you’re solo out there.
What is your favourite product you’ve purchased for your van?
I’m super basic, so I love my string lights! Every night I put them on and wind down before bed and it just made the area super cozy and inviting!
Have you had any negative experiences?
My most negative experience besides vehicle breakdowns, is probably meeting up with someone I thought was safe to meet up with and I should’ve been more cautious! But it was a great learning experience without me being injured or subjected to worse than I was! Just be careful who you link up with out there- most people are safe but some have other motives.
Have you saved money by living in a van?
I have actually! I have so much more money than I ever have, I also make more money than I could have imagined in my business and I am very comfortable.
What piece of advice would you give to other women who aspire to live in a van solo based on your experiences?
Trust your gut. If you want to meet up with someone from social media, get coffee or hangout in a very public place first to get to know them before going on remote adventures. I know that’s a given to the average person, but solo Vanlife comes with finding others online who do the same and it’s tempting to want to meet up and adventure off the bat, but consider your safety and be mindful of your surroundings!
What are your future Vanlife plans?
Keep traveling around the US! I’ve been to 45 states (including Alaska) and I want to check off the other 5 as soon as possible.
How can our readers keep up with your adventures? 
Instagram: @peachesandwheat  Photography business Instagram: @peakedpromises
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